Reaching the end of a platform will make you change your point of view:

This will allow you to see things, other way hidden...

... but will also introduce new dangers!

Explore every corner of this small but dense space.

Collect everything.

Then, move on.

Estimated playtime: less than 20 min.

Download Windows build in order to play with a Joystick.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
AuthorNonsense Arts
Made withUnity
TagsExploration, Puzzle-Platformer


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I wish you could easily fall off a platform without changing gravity by holding the jump button while on ground.


I absolutely love small puzzle games like this. The mechanic (singular) is solid, and well explored in the small experience. I played Ethereal, and i am happy to see more small games like this. Would totally pay money for a collection of smaller projects such as this!


Thanks! I will think about making a collection, sounds like fun! :)


Fun game! I love the unique mechanic and the gameplay was simply solid.



Ethereal was one of my favorites from the Racial Injustice bundle (I'd anticipated it but never got around to trying it until then) and this is an early favorite from the Palestinian Aid bundle. It scratches that same meditative puzzle game itch, and I'd love to see the idea iterated on.

Thanks for playing it and for the kind words! :)


It's a very good game but there were a few gameplay aspects that felt a bit counter-intuitive to me:

- When the gravity changes my view of the room doesn't flip. My character(?) does flip and controls stay the same. That results in left arrow being "go right" and right arrow being "go left" when the square is upside (wherever its up is) down.

- The game description states that flipping gravity "will allow you to see things, other way hidden" but it's more like allowing to collect things other way intangible. Also, at first glance, the triangles seem more tangible than those color-distorted square groups.

- I feel that background music got louder over playtime (or as I collected more collectibles) but that might be just an illusion.

Thanks for playing! also those are very useful comments, thanks!


Hiii, I've made a short video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is pretty original.

-The gameplay mechanics are easy to understand despite of looking confusing at first.

-The game feels challenging not difficult that's awesome.

-Visually the game is pretty well thought and makes the game feel cohesive/solid.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hey thanks a lot for playing it, for sharing those helpful thoughts and for the video! Really appreciate it!


you are welcome :D


I really enjoyed it!

That's awesome! Thanks :)


This game is amazing!!! I'd love to see more levels!

Nice! Thanks for checking it out!


really cool concept and great execution!

Thanks for playing it!



Thanks!! :D


I loved the learning curve and how gravity works, i need more levels

We will consider it haha. Thanks for playing! :D


Great idea! It took me a while to realize that I could turn (and change gravity) just on rounded corners, but once I figured that out I really enjoyed playing and thinking how to get every collectable, also I never felt traped in a pit with no way out so great job lol. I also really liked the sound design! 

I could suggest a couple of things:

- Since rounded corners are an important mechanic maybe highlight them in some way?
- Maybe add some feedback to show how's the gravity acting everytime, like background particles or something like that since sometimes I had to jump to remember how the gravity was acting up, even though it was obvious I always jumped perpendicular to the ground haha (it comes to my mind those mario galaxy levels with zones that changed gravity, that had a different background colors and arrows showing the gravity direction but maybe not that explicit or obvious, something more subtle perhaps).
- It took me a while to notice that the "lava" only killed you when falling into it but not when hitting it sideways or bumping into it while jumping, maybe you could add some visual hints that could show when it's safe to touch it and when it's not?

Sorry if these are dumb ideas but either way I really enjoyed the game!

Thanks a lot for playing and for the suggestions! All of them are important stuff to consider for future updates! :)


Fun original idea, does a very good job of not letting the player get lost & making sure nearby areas stay accessible.


Thanks for playing! :D


Very neat game, I like the gravity concept. Pretty challenging though haha

Haha yeah! Thanks a lot!


You guys deserve a dozen of churros rellenos and a warm chocolatada.  Great idea, gamefeel, puzzles, sfx and music!

Jajaja thanks!!

Couldn't seem to start, which means either (a) I'm dense and not figuring out something basic, or (b) clicking the "start" button doesn't work in Firefox.  (Are you supposed to click the "start" button?  It doesn't work in Firefox.)

Press ENTER! No mouse needed for this one :)


Ohhhhh, enter.  I must've tried every other stupid key. :-)  Thanks!  Definitely fun once I got past that first really hard "how to start the game" puzzle!

Haha sorry about that! Thanks for giving it another shot! :)

Sorry to say it took me a while to figure that out as well ;)


Really, really cool. Original gameplay, plays superfluently and the music and sounds is really atmospherical and fitting. Can't think of any suggestions to improve. Yeah, more levels and more mechanics perhaps :)

Thanks for playing it! :)


Amazing! Loved every minute of it.